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Frequently Asked Questions

We're excited to tell you more about how KindMind works.

KindMind is a mobile app that empowers mental health clinicians to set up a practice in a telehealth environment. The app is convenient for clinicians to use with already-established clients and to gain new clients. KindMind handles scheduling, insurance, and billing, making private practice life that much easier! You can join for free, set your own work schedule, and enjoy all the independence you need. KindMind takes a small service fee from each paid session and conveniently directs clients’ payments into your designated checking account. KindMind uses Stripe to securely manage payment transactions.
Once approved as a clinician by us, you can login and fill out your provider profile page, setup a Stripe account for payment, and record an intro video. That's it! Users can find you and schedule an appointment with you. You'll see your appointments list and can view details about your patients and can initiate a video call with them at the appointment time. You can save shorthand notes about the "Theme" of the session after the session for future reference if you like. This is the gist of the platform, although there are some interesting things in addition to traditional therapy as well, like the ability to view your patient’s "mood chart," which shows how their mood has changed over time (patients will have to allow you access to view this), as well as other treatment-related statistics. And if you want, you can participate in discussion in the community forum, but will not be allowed to give actual treatment there. You can even use the app for your own personal mood tracking!
Telehealth is an exciting emerging form of healthcare. Teletherapy is not only legal, it is also covered by many insurance companies. Mental health treatment has been slower to engage in telehealth, but we are happy to be at the forefront of this new wave of mental healthcare. Teletherapy regulations vary by state and by license, however, in general, you are able to conduct sessions while you and your client are physically located in a state where you are licensed to practice. KindMind, therefore, limits the scope of practice to the state in which you are located and licensed to practice. As these regulations change, we will adapt accordingly.
We vet clinicians through conversation and by verifying their license status within the state that they plan to use the app. Clinicians on KindMind must be licensed to practice privately in the state in which they would like to work. KindMind requires that clinicians provide proof of liability insurance. Clinicians enter into a Business Associate Agreement stating that they are responsible for their own clients, as KindMind is a facilitator service and not a mental health agency. KindMind Technology, LLC does not employ clinicians nor treat patients. We provide a platform for licensed clinicians to use to provide mental health services. Liability issues will lie on clinicians, however we are now and will continue to reduce the risks for liability issues to come up. For example, we do not record or store any video or audio calls that take place on our app. Privacy and security are of utmost importance to us. We developed the KindMind to be fully HIPAA-compliant using encryption technologies that meet industry standards. Clinicians on KindMind do not provide crisis or emergency services and makes it clear to clients how to seek help in an emergency.
Patients can cancel an appointment up to 24 hours before the start time of the appointment without being charged. They are still charged the full amount if the appointment is canceled in less than 24 hours prior to the appointment start time or if they do not show up for the appointment.
KindMind helps prepare clinicians for emergent situations by requiring all patients to fill out a preliminary assessment and by providing all patients’ contact information that might be necessary in an emergency. KindMind also allows clinicians to call 911 mid-session if needed. Regarding technical emergencies, KindMind allows clinicians to restart the connection mid-session, or hang up and recall clients. KindMind also offers technical support to answer questions.
Clinicians are welcome to participate in the message boards as fellow users, but not in a professional capacity. The message boards are not an area meant for treatment or advertisement. They are meant as an area of support. Clinicians may participate using their unique login and picture, but it must be separate from their clinician profile. This separation clarifies any confusion between session time and support time, which is an important boundary for therapy. Clinicians are advised not to comment on known clients’ posts as to limit confusion and the possibility of dual relationships.
Your typical schedule is your set schedule for each week. If you want to make your availability on all Mondays from 9AM to 5PM, you will want to utilize the Typical Schedule feature. If you have an event coming up on a Monday in a couple weeks, then you would change that day to reflect the times you are free that day. Of course, you can customize each day, and forego setting a Typical Schedule altogether! Isn’t it wonderful to have your own private practice on KindMind?!
The purpose of your 30-second intro video is to let your personality shine through! If you are a little camera shy, it is perfectly okay to simply say your name, licensure, location, and specialties. If you would like to add some unique touches, such as a fun fact, that can also help to give potential clients an idea of who you are. You simply record your intro video through the app to upload to your provider profile.

Team KindMind

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Elle Bernfeld, LMSW
Elle Bernfeld is a licensed therapist (LMSW) with an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University. She is leading mental health decisions in app development. Elle also uses her B.A. in Theatre to guide the team creatively.
Elijah Bullard
Elijah Bullard has an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University and an M.S. in Computer Science from Fordham University. He has two publications on depression and is leading the team’s vision and progress.
Weiyu Shen
Weiyu Shen has an M.A. in Economics from Boston University and an M.S. in Computer Science from Fordham University. He has three publications in economics and is leading the team’s technology decisions and revenue model.
Mariella Sypa
Mariella Sypa is an exceptional programmer completing her B.S. in Computer Science at Fordham University. She is managing operations and keeping our strategies appealing to a young audience.
Steven Sypa
Steven Sypa has a B.A. in Pre-Law and Business from New York University and is a corporate legal consultant for a Big Four firm. He is managing our legal matters, including drafting of legal documents and assessing legal risk, and advises our business strategy.