October 11, 2016 Maryanna Antoldi

5 Reasons Why We Need More Celebrities to Open Up About Mental Health (Thanks Kid Cudi)

In our society, it is extremely rare that anyone, especially someone in the spotlight, opens up publicly about his or her mental health. In fact, 1 in 5 Americans suffer from a mental illness in any given year, but most (59%) don’t receive the help they need. Mental health is an extremely  important topic to raise awareness about, and Kid Cudi is the latest public figure to is doing just that.

Cudi opened up about his battle with depression and “suicidal urges” on Facebook this week, giving a very public and very human perspective on the toll mental illness can take on anyone. He admitted to checking himself into rehab to receive the treatment he needs, also helping to highlight the importance of treatment in managing one’s mental health.

With the incredible outpouring of love and support Cudi has inspired towards those suffering with depression and other mental illnesses, we wonder what could happen if other celebrities chose to speak out about mental health awareness. Imagine the revolution it would create!
Here are 5 reasons why we need more celebrities to open up about mental health.

  • Celebrities are role models. If others, especially young children, with mental illness have someone in the spotlight to look up to, they would not feel so stigmatized or ashamed.
  • Celebrities have the power to inspire people with their hard work and talent. Imagine if that talent was put to use to raise more awareness for mental health? We're talkingsongs,films,or evenraisingmoneyforanonprofit.
  • We see every aspect of a celebrity's daily life. If celebrities opened up about mental illness, then perhaps we can make that a normal aspect of our lives rather than shun it.
  • Celebrities have such a powerful influence on society. Imagine the amount of awareness that could be raised if more celebrities told their stories about mental health? They could use their influence to change how society looks at mental health!
  • Celebrities are trend setters. Imagine if mental health awareness became the newest trend in Hollywood? Not only would it become less of a stigma, but people everywhere would feel less afraid to tell their stories as well.

Kid Cudi's courage has not gone unnoticed. If more people choose to tell their own stories about mental health, especially celebrities, then we can all work together to raise awareness and enact change. The smallest of steps, together, can result in a huge revolution. All we need are people to share their stories.

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